Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Expiration dates

So here I am, its December 31st, and I haven't posted to my blog in a while.  Because ideas for topics are ephemeral and depart from my mind before my hands reach a keyboard, mobile phone, or even a good old fashioned pen, I have neglected this website that earns me millions of Zimbabwe dollars yearly in revenue. 

And I'm looking around and I notice kellogs coupons to receive $5 in free gas should you postmark it before the 31st.  Oops too late.  Note that the cost of a stamp  makes the reward meaningless.  Might be why I never bothered. Kellogs could have made use of an ingenious invention I call the internets.. But that assumes they wanted you to redeem the prize.  Newsflash: they don't.  Like the mail in rebates you see attached to various purchases, even if you do mail it out, you have a 50/50 chance of getting your measly reward.  Because if people don't receive it, they'll be less likely to bother next time.  The dealer always wins.

Anyways, back to kellogs.  When I was a child they had some sort of mail in thing for NHL team mini pennants.  I wanted them, so I got some cash and some change and threw it in the envelope, little me not knowing anything about cheques or money orders.  I never did receive my NHL mini pennants.  Did some mailman abscond with my meagre $5 and change or whatever it cost back then?  Or did kellogs say f this kid let's keep the money. I'll never know.. But to this day i will refuse to deal with mail in rebates.  I will walk the other way.  I will use a different website.  The price including the rebate is a fiction. 

But all the same, here's to another year of ignoring rebates and coupon expiration dates!  Happy new year!

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